Welcome to the Air Fronts Document Repository! This website is about World War II Air Power: The Air Services, the developments, the principles of application over time, the technology and – in many ways – providing the background of the day to day experience of those who brought it into being and those who had to execute it.

What the reader can expect to find here at the Air Fronts site, is the faithful reproduction – not necessarily adherent to scientific standards – of original period material on air power and aerial warfare from various allied air services and any related agencies, as is consistent with the current web publishing technology. This website is about authenticity, not historical truth or accuracy in any respect. For any critical evaluation of the texts, please refer to the growing library of web links and books on the topics presented. The materials presented on this website originate mostly from Allied Air Services: The US AAF, US Navy, USMC, the RAF and other Commonwealth services. German Air Force sources – or other – will be presented in translation.

The headings and perspectives may change: From air and ground crew to the scientist or engineer, from high to squadron level command, from the newly joined Flying Cadet to the accomplished veteran pilot, from the home front – supposed to support the effort – to those who had to endure the effects of air power – one way or another. The Air Fronts site invites the reader to experience the circumstances of a time long gone by looking through the eyes of the contemporaries: Those who shaped history. Either as a member of an Air Service or those subjected to the effects of air power application. This site is not about personal accounts – at least not primarily.  The sometimes very technical – not to say boring – documents are presented as an often neglected background – or general theme – to those personal accounts found in many books or oral history sites on the web. As something to put those statements into an “as it happened” perspective.

You may have watched the movies, and you may have read the accounts and biographies of pilots, aircrew members or those in high command. Not to speak of the many analytic books on the topics related. What you will find here, is what any one of the contemporaries may have read, was supposed to have read or was concerned with at the time. Have you ever looked into the family photo album? Wondered what was the background of this shot? How was it back then? Well, this is the kind of question the Air Fronts site is supposed to help answer.

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