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Some models of aircraft of the WW2 remained famous. Aviation indeed played a decisive role in the fighting in Europe as in the Pacific.

Aircraft of the Second World War: models of the axis The Stuka, the German dive bombers, are entered into the legend. The most famous is probably
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second war

Second World War – Beginings

The invasion of the Poland The Germany had set the invasion of Poland at the 1St September 1939. Two days later, Britain and the France officially
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The Strength of the Allies

The arrival of the American troops and their equipment has increased the Allied forces. By 1942, all Allied troops were better organized. The Navy
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World War II Aircraft

During World War II fighter airplanes were utilized to obtain breeze superiority over a battlefield. Although World War was the first primary battle
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Famous WW2 Battles and War Stories

Typically considered the most effective Japanese fighter of the battle and also equal or remarkable to the very best Affiliated competitors, the
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